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.GymSmarts offers athletes, parents, coaches, trainers and club owners multimedia products in both video and print that will enable students to achieve their full athletic potential. GymSmarts’ instructional videos offer you the opportunity to learn the techniques and teaching methods of internationally recognized coaches of national champions, international champions and Olympians so that you are able to leverage your experience and deliver spectacular results.

GymSmarts’ got its reputation as the world’s premier source for gymnastics instructional media for both recreation and competitive gymnastics because it removes every obstacle coaches, trainers or athletes face on their paths to becoming or developing better gymnasts. From mount to dismount, and everything in between, GymSmarts’ comprehensive catalogue of instructional materials provides access for everyone at every level to excel in every facet of the sport.

The expertise of GymSmarts’ instructional media is unparalleled. Founded in 2004 by Tom Beach, a champion gymnast, and Reiko Beach, a gymnastics instructor, GymSmarts melds cutting edge training techniques from internationally recognized coaches with state of the art digital technology. How does GymSmarts do it? Access. Tom’s experience on the international and Olympic stage (1976 Montreal Games) and Reiko’s, as an instructor, combined is over a quarter-century experience in the sport. During this time they’ve forged relationships with top personnel who have coached or competed -or both- at very the pinnacle of the sport. They use these special relationships to give GymSmarts’ customers exclusive information, timely interviews, and effective teaching tools. All of this information is available only through GymSmarts’ on-line resource center. New titles are being produced every month and the range of topics is expanding.

GymSmarts training materials are also useful resources for athletes and their parents who are fully committed to being the best they can be. In addition to skill development materials, resources are available to help you prepare your college recruiting video and to help athletes make good college choices when scholarships are offered. Dynamic materials on the psychological, emotional, and physiological aspect of the sport from overcoming fear and performance anxiety to perfecting posture and injury prevention are also an important part of its product line.

If you are part of the gymnastics community or just want to keep up with the latest training trends, you will also want to be a part of the GymSmarts community. Keep up with information on new DVD releases and the latest articles by signing up for our free email update. You will also want to subscribe to GymSmarts’ monthly newsletter, which contains articles, interviews, and special reports on the latest training techniques and trends. Tom and Reiko’s extensive network of international players enable them to obtain exclusive interviews with many of the trainers who have defined critical aspects of the sport to create success. This influential publication is only available through GymSmarts’ MemberPlus program.

GymSmarts brings together the best of Tom and Reiko’s highly successful video production and media company, TRB Design, Inc., with their extensive gymnastics backgrounds to form a unique blend of gymnastics and publishing expertise. GymSmarts has rapidly gained an international following and has attracted top competitors as well as emerging talent and coaches worldwide. GymSmarts is rapidly becoming the information resource for what’s happening in the world of both recreational and competitive gymnastics.