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Charles Minster

Charles Minster is currently joint head coach of WildCats Gymnastics Club, Tasmania, Australia, and is a board member of the Tasmanian Gymnastics Association. In 1990 Charles entered the gymnastics world by producing a video for the British National Development Plan. He has produced numerous videos on both men’s and women’s gymnastics.
In 1993-4 Charles was the Chairman of the Buckinghamshire (England ) Women’s Technical Committee for the second year; became the women’s technical director in the Boland Gymnastics Association and was elected to the executive council. He was also an advisor to the South African Gymnastics Federation.
Since 2003 he has been the Head of Coach Education for Tasmanian Gymnastics Association (Women’s Artistic), Executive Member of TGA, Board member of the TGA and a member of the Women’s Technical Committee.

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