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Donna Culp

Donna Culp is a leading choreographer with routines for National Team members from both Europe and the United States to her credit. Culp’s choreography is totally about “guts,” or creating routines that fit directly to the personal style of the gymnast. That’s why Donna designed the creative workshop G. U. T. S., and developed the technique of the “Style Rope” to maximize aesthetic impact and turn weaknesses into strengths.
Though she was an international-elite gymnast and has won a national collegiate championship, Donna was best known for her signature moves on the balance beam (a collegiate all-American), and she was ever famous for making her coaches and teammates laugh! Culp also wrote her first children’s book: Where the Gymnast Begins – a story for dreamers and achievers (2006) as a way of saying thanks to the sport she loves. The book (also described as “The Giving Tree” for gymnasts) was selected from among 250 titles for the Barnes & Noble New Writers Event (Dallas). Donna lives in Texas and Spain. (NOTE: wherethegymnastbegins.com)

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