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George H. Hery

For over 40 years George H. Hery has been one of the most well-known clinicians and presenters on trampoline and acrobatics. Also an acclaimed gymnast, performer, and mentor, he is a true acrobatic legend – in 2004 he was inducted into the World Acrobatic Society’s Hall of Legends.
George H. Hery is one of the most recognized figures in the gymnastics world as an acclaimed gymnast, acrobat, performer, and mentor. For over 40 years he has been one of the most well know clinicians and presenters worldwide on trampoline and acrobatics. He is a true acrobatic legend – in 2004 he was inducted into the World Acrobatic Society’s Hall of Legends
His accomplishments have been recognized by numerous organizations and governments through out the world.Upon receiving a scholarship to the University of Iowa for gymnastics, Hery knew he had a talent in sports that would define his life. He excelled in not just one sport, but several – in addition to gymnastics and acrobatics, he was involved in freestyle skiing and basketball. Hery trained with the Japanese Olympic Gymnastics Team in Germany and became an All-American Big-10 Floor Exercise champion, National Vault champion, and World Professional Trampoline champion all in 1964. Hery has owned and operated his own gymnastics clubs and has created gymnastics programs in several states and countries. He has traveled to places as diverse as elite European conferences and American inner-cities giving clinics, lectures, and lessons on trampoline, gymnastics, and acrobatic techniques. He has also worked extensively with competitive aerial skiers to improve their flipping, twisting and aerial awareness.

Hery has never forgotten to show gratitude for his success in life and he takes every opportunity to give back to society. He volunteered to help initiate gymnastics programs in the Special Olympics, and in 1970 gave a summer workshop and camp at Sargeant and Eunice Shriver’s ranch. He worked with the “Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sport” to create a gymnastics institute with an “I can” initiative for special children. As a member of the National Amputee Ski Association, Hery has taught over 1,000 war veteran amputees to ski.

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