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Rik Feeney

Rik Feeney is the author of more than 28 books and reports on the sport and business of gymnastics as well as promotional expert for aspiring self-published authors. Rik Feeney was a competitive gymnast through High School and Temple University. During his career, Feeney has owned and worked at private gymnastics clubs where he trained gymnasts from state to national level competitors. Feeney continues to attend and present at gymnastics clinics, meets, and seminars.
Rik started his journey in the sport of gymnastics by disrupting his sister’s gymnastics class at a local dance studio by attempting to mimic class skills and crashing into the mirrors. Impressed, or possibly annoyed, the teacher, who was also the local high school men’s gymnastics coach, got Rik involved in the sport of gymnastics and trained him to be an all around gymnast through high school and the eventual team captain of a squad that was undefeated four years in a row.During his junior year in high school an event occurred that forever impacted his view of gymnastics. A friend, Mike died doing gymnastics; he was an arch-rival from another high school, and they were private club teammates competing in the AAU Jr. Olympics.
Rik almost quit the sport. Instead, he decided to focus on safety education, which has been motivation for him for much of his career.

Rik continued his journey as a walk-on member of the Temple University Men’s Gymnastics Team coached by Fred Turoff.

After college, Rik owned gymnastics clubs, coached at several clubs throughout this country and abroad, developing several state and national level competitors under various systems of competition, and adapted his love of reading, writing, and gymnastics to eventually become a published author with several articles and books to his credit.

With a renewed attitude and determination, Rik have returned to writing books and special reports for his own little publishing company (Richardson Publishing) and will focus on providing materials to educate, inspire, and motivate not only athletes, but parents, coaches, and instructors as well. Feeney continues to attend and present at gymnastics clinics, meets, and seminars as well as consulting for both gymnastics coaches and aspiring authors. More information about Rik Feeney can be found on his web site: www.GymnasticsTrainingTips.com.

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