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Tony Retrosi

Tony Retrosi, since 1994, is the owner, Head Coach and Program director of Atlantic Gymnastics Centers. He is a highly respected and popular National and Regional speaker on the technical aspects of gymnastics, safety and risk management. Tony believes that it is important for every athlete to get as much out of sports as they possibly can by having a positive and successful experience. From this positive experience athletes will discover the link between desire, dedication, focus and hard work to achieve their dreams.
Tony has coached gymnasts at all levels, and has received numerous awards for his service to the gymnastics community at the State, Regional and National levels as well as for his coaching accomplishments. Many of Tony’s gymnasts have gone on to successful college careers. Qualities such as self-discipline (knowing what work is to be done in order to achieve a goal), self-motivation (working hard because they want to), respect (for the sport of gymnastics, teammates and coaches) and sportsmanship (playing by the rules, learning how to deal with failure, and winning graciously). Still more qualities are: dedication, leadership, concentration, time management, teamwork, friendship, gracefulness, nutritional awareness, and physical fitness.
Gymnastics excellence means becoming the best you can be individually. To achieve this excellence takes setting goals (long and short range), and an incredible amount of effort to achieve those expectations.Tony has a MA in History from UNH and was teaching in public schools before he decided to coach full time. Tony served at the Vice-Chairman of the National Elite Program Committee and Region 6 Elite Chairman for 12 years. . Tony is the Director of The National Gymnastics Training Center summer camp in Huguenot, NY.

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