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Tumbl Trak Tumbling Skill

by: Mas Watanabe

Learn to use the Tumbl Trak for rapid skill development.

Mas Watanabe

Learn to use the Tumbl Trak for rapid skill development." />


This DVD by Mas Watanabe combines his world-renowned technical expertise with one of the most popular tumbling training devises. This video shows how he trains his gymnast on the Tumble Track on tumbling skills from front handsprings to double twisting layout front flips, triple twisting back flips and tumbling combinations. He explains in detail how to teach many difficult tumbling sequences and skills in a way that the athletes can easily transfer them to the floor exercise. Included are important teaching techniques for twisting forwards and backwards, and flipping forwards and backwards. He uses athletes with many different levels of experience and abilities to clearly show and explain the technical aspects of the major tumbling skills that most gymnast need to compete successfully.


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Presented By:
Mas Watanabe
Directed By:
Tom Beach
TRB Design, Inc
Run Time:
61 minutes
Men’s Gymnastics – Floor Exercise Women’s Gymnastics – Floor Exercise Recreational Gymnastics – For the Gym
Release Date:
August 2007
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